For mobile applications, on the ground and in the air, Vectoflow offers lightweight probes and an Air Data System. The data evaluation takes place on board and the results can be transmitted to a computer or to a flight control system.


Conventional multi-hole probe

Multi-hole probes offer straightforward operation to enable concurrent detection of critical aerodynamic and thermodynamic variables:

  • angle of attack
  • speed
  • static and total pressure
  • static and total temperature
  • other relevant values
  • Rakes

    Rakes integrate multiple measuring heads into a single probe, making them ideal for simultaneous determination of flow parameters at multiple measuring points. These versatile tools can be equipped with various probe heads, including multi-hole, kiel probe for total pressure and total temperature measurement, static pressure sensors, and pressure tabs.

    FRAP Air

    High frequency measurement at low speeds. Precise detection and analysis of high-frequency flow phenomena at low speeds.

    FRAP Pro – Transient flow measurement systems

    FRAP Pro is Vectoflow’s transient flow probes that combine the robustness of pressure probes (e.g. 5-hole probes) with a high temporal resolution of the pressure signal. Depending on the probe geometry, frequencies in the kHz range can also be measured.


    Vectoflow’s iProbe is a compact and lightweight system for measuring speeds and angles of attack for mobile applications. Fluid dynamic measurements with a multi-hole probe have never been this quick and easy!


    The 14-hole Omniprobe from Vectoflow enables measurement of flow angles ranging up to ±160°. Similar to all other multi-hole probes by Vectoflow, the Omniprobe is capable of measuring the following flow parameters:

  • angle of attack
  • speed
  • static and total pressure
  • and other aerodynamic and thermodynamic quantities
  • Systems

    Air Data Systems

    The VectoDAQ Air Data Computer together with flow measurement probes from Vectoflow forms a compact and lightweight system for measuring flow parameters in mobile applications.


    VectoVis Professional

    VectoVis Professional is a software that provides a comprehensive solution for real-time data acquisition, visualization, and evaluation of Vectoflow's most common sensors and flow probes. It allows users to control traverse systems, configure hardware environments, and customise flow probes. Users can visualize and store both raw and fully evaluated data, as well as define automatic test plans where traverses can be manipulated, data recorded, evaluated and saved. VectoVis Professional is structured with a framework and separate modules tailored for different probe types, ensuring versatility and adaptability to specific measurement needs.

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