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For a flow probe to attain its measurement accuracy, calibration is essential. Vectoflow operates two proprietary wind tunnels precisely for this purpose.

The cornerstone of reliable measurement outcomes is the meticulous calibration of the probes. During this process, the relationship between applied pressure and measured speed is established. The probe is situated in a controlled flow field generated within the wind tunnel. By adjusting the angle of attack and rotation, pressures at various measuring points are recorded. Subsequently, calibration factors are derived from this data. When deployed in an unknown flow field, these calibration factors enable the determination of flow speed based on measured pressure.

Central to every calibration is the creation of an optimal free jet—a consistent, homogeneous airflow with minimal turbulence. Powering this process is a 90 kW asynchronous motor, driving two radial compressors via belt drive. The compressed air undergoes refinement in a settling chamber, passing through multiple sieves and rectifiers to achieve homogenization. A series of nozzles with specialized geometry, engineered for low pressure loss, accelerates the compressed air. This setup facilitates the generation of speeds ranging from Mach 2 (0,012 m/s ISA) to Mach 4 (0,99 m/s ISA). To ensure precision, the probes are meticulously positioned to within 337° using a 2-axis traverse, encompassing roll and yaw angles. This meticulous calibration process allows customisation within the speed and angle parameters defined by our customers.

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