EvoScann P-Series Pressure Scanner

Vectoflow is the sales partner of the EvoScann P-Series pressure scanner from Evolution Measurement in Germany. The EvoScann P-Series pressure scanner is a highly miniaturized pressure scanner that can be used particularly well in the automotive industry. Its robust housing makes it ideal for in-car testing and its small size allows measurements in previously inaccessible areas.

Traverse System

Vectoflow offers complete solutions incorporating flow probes, probe calibration, hardware for pressure and temperature measurement as well as measurement and control software (VectoVis Pro). Our product portfolio is supplemented by a wide range of traverse systems for use in wind tunnels but also in gas turbines and many other areas to enable users to precisely position and move measurement their devices. Traverse systems can be fully controlled with VectoVis Pro, allowing for perfect integration into the overall system. Even loads of 1200 N and more are no problem for Vectoflow's traverse systems and their consistent positioning accuracy.

Air Data Systems

VectoDAQ is suitable for use on

and is available in different versions.

Vecto DAQs feature up to 14 channels for measuring differential pressure, alongside an absolute pressure connection, which serves as a reference for the differential pressure sensors. The pressure measuring range is customisable to meet specific customer needs.
Data can be transferred via either USB or CAN interface, with the transmission rate adjustable between 1 and 50 Hz.

When paired with Vectoflow's flow measuring probes, users gain access to a lightweight and compact system for mobile flow parameter measurements.
Suitable for use on flying objects, vehicles, and stationary setups, the available probes for this system range from Prandtl probes to 5-hole and 14-hole probes.