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The function library serves as the foundation of any evaluation software, offering versatile integration into various codes. It efficiently computes the velocity vector, static pressure, and total pressure.

Additionally, a comprehensive graphical evaluation application is in development, soon to be released as a software package. This package aims to enhance user-friendliness, providing intuitive tools for data preparation and analysis.

VectoVis Professional

VectoVis Professional is a software that provides a comprehensive solution for real-time data acquisition, visualization, and evaluation of Vectoflow's most common sensors and flow probes. It allows users to control traverse systems, configure hardware environments, and customise flow probes. Users can visualize and store both raw and fully evaluated data, as well as define automatic test plans where traverses can be manipulated, data recorded, evaluated and saved. VectoVis Professional is structured with a framework and separate modules tailored for different probe types, ensuring versatility and adaptability to specific measurement needs.


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