Focus Flow measurement technology

Specialising in advanced flow measurement technology, Vectoflow probes harness the principles of the Bernoulli effect to precisely assess fluid flow pressure, velocity, and angle of attack. By analysing the pressure distribution at the probe tip, our probes enable accurate determination of crucial flow parameters. The precision and range of angular measurement achievable with flow probes are directly proportional to the number of holes located at the probe tip. As such, a higher number of holes enhances both precision and coverage in flow measurement applications.

Conventional multi-hole probe

Multi-hole probes offer straightforward operation to enable concurrent detection of critical aerodynamic and thermodynamic variables:

  • angle of attack
  • speed
  • static and total pressure
  • static and total temperature
  • other relevant values
  • Rakes

    Rakes integrate multiple measuring heads into a single probe, making them ideal for simultaneous determination of flow parameters at multiple measuring points. These versatile tools can be equipped with various probe heads, including multi-hole, kiel probe for total pressure and total temperature measurement, static pressure sensors, and pressure tabs.

    FRAP Air

    High frequency measurement at low speeds. Precise detection and analysis of high-frequency flow phenomena at low speeds.

    FRAP Pro – Transient flow measurement systems

    FRAP Pro is Vectoflow’s transient flow probes that combine the robustness of pressure probes (e.g. 5-hole probes) with a high temporal resolution of the pressure signal. Depending on the probe geometry, frequencies in the kHz range can also be measured.


    Vectoflow’s iProbe is a compact and lightweight system for measuring speeds and angles of attack for mobile applications. Fluid dynamic measurements with a multi-hole probe have never been this quick and easy!


    The 14-hole Omniprobe from Vectoflow enables measurement of flow angles ranging up to ±160°. Similar to all other multi-hole probes by Vectoflow, the Omniprobe is capable of measuring the following flow parameters:

  • angle of attack
  • speed
  • static and total pressure
  • and other aerodynamic and thermodynamic quantities
  • Kiel probes

    Vectoflow's Kiel probes feature a uniquely optimised inlet geometry, ensuring precise measurement of total pressure and total temperature with an accuracy of 1000 ° C.. These probes are capable of accurately capturing flow angles of up to +/-60°.

    Radiator Probes

    Vectoflow radiator probes offer a simple way to equip your radiator with probes that measure total mass flow and mass flow distribution through the unit.

    Special multi-hole probes

    Our advanced additive manufacturing process enables the production of nearly all conceivable probe geometries. Simply provide us with your desired geometry or describe your measurement requirements, and we will devise a tailored solution to meet your needs.
    To illustrate Vectoflow’s capabilities, the lobbed nozzle in the picture, crafted from cobalt chrome, underwent meticulous surface treatment at the culmination of the manufacturing process.
    Featuring integrated pressure channels and ports for thermocouples, this nozzle design allows for comprehensive assessment of the exhaust gas flow encountered behind a thrust engine, offering rich data insights without the need for complex instrumentation.

    High temperature probes

    Are you seeking to acquire precise temperature and pressure measurements directly behind a combustion chamber?
    Our solution provides an optimal method for measurements in high-temperature environments. Vectoflow's high-temperature probes, crafted through additive manufacturing, boast numerous advantages, including exceptional geometric flexibility and superior mechanical properties.

    Flow probes

    The Vectoflow manufacturing process allows you to flexibly shape your probe to fit your application exactly. We realize probe diameters from 1.2 mm and lengths up to 250 mm (standard).
    • The connection (e.g. square, hexagon) of the probe is flexibly adapted to your requirements.
    • Currently we are working on a simple connection of the hoses.
    In addition to the standard cone and hemisphere shapes, other geometries are possible.
    Possible materials are:
    • Titanium (Grade 5)
    • Inconel 718
    • Stainless steels (e.g. 1.4542, 1.4540)
    • Plastics (PEEK, PA12, ABS)

    The following specifications depend in each case on the geometry, material, head shape and measuring sensor used.

    Anströmwinkel   60° (1° Genauigkeit)70° (1° Genauigkeit)
    SpitzengeometrieKonus, Halbkugel, Spezialformen
    Spitzendurchmesserab 1,2 mm, 3 mm Standard
    GeometrieVariabel, Längen einteilig max. 250 mm x 250 mm
    BefestigungVariabel (bspw. Vierkant, Sechskant)
    Temperaturbereich-50°C bis +1200°C
    Geschwindigkeit3 m/s bis Mach 2 (1% Genauigkeit)
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