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As pioneers in fluid dynamic measurement technology, Vectoflow GmbH stands at the forefront of innovation in our field. A dynamic team of seasoned experts with extensive experience in fluid dynamics research and industry spearheads our commitment to excellence. Through the integration of cutting-edge processes, we consistently push the boundaries of measurement technology, achieving unprecedented levels of quality. Fuelled by our entrepreneurial drive, we are dedicated to the ongoing enhancement and diversification of our product portfolio, ensuring that we remain at the cutting edge of technological advancement.

Dr. Christian Haigermoser

Dr.-Ing. Christian Haigermoser pursued his studies in mechanical engineering, specialising in aerospace engineering, at the Technical University of Munich. Following his undergraduate studies, he pconducted doctoral research at the Technical University of Turin, supported by a prestigious Marie Curie scholarship. Subsequently, Dr. Haigermoser has accumulated industry experience through roles at GE Global Research and BMW.

Dipl.-Ing. Katharina Kreitz MBA

Katharina Kreitz pursued her mechanical engineering degree with a focus on aviation, gas dynamics, and astronautics at the Technical University of Munich. She especially cherished the combination of theoretical knowledge and practical application throughout her studies. Katharina gained industry experience at renowned companies such as NASA, Lufthansa Technik, Airbus Space and Defence, and BMW.
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